We would like to extend an invitation to you to make use of our personalised Vitality Wellness Service; ensuring you maintain your maximum Vitality status - and benefits!

27,500 Vitality Points

Vitality Health Check

The Vitality Health Check has been enhanced and will now be made up of 5 measures, including blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol, height, a BMI assessment which includes weight, height and waist circumference and signing a non-smokers declaration. Vitality points depend on how many results are in range. HIV test can also be done for an extra 5000 points. For kids under 18 on Vitality you can get 500 points per child if a registered nurse does the Kids health review.

Please note: Discovery Health members: Vitality Health Check will be covered by the Scheme, from your screening and prevention benefit. Non-Discovery health members pay R402 for the Vitality health check including HIV. 

1,000 Vitality Points

Vitality Nutrition Assessment

Vitality nutrition assessment costs R 390 per person. The assessment includes body composition analysis by using one of the most accurate machines available. This assessment also includes an assessment, discussion of results and guidelines to improve overall nutritional status. Our Dieticians will also take clients through the process and activation of the Vitality Weight Loss Rewards Program to earn additional points and discounts.

The In Body Composition Analyzer is the most accurate, precise, and convenient method to measure body fat, muscle mass, and much more. It gives you a total of 27 different readings which includes:
 - Total body water
 - Muscle mass
 - Minerals available to build bone
 - Total body fat mass
 - Metabolic rate
 - Internal organ fat i.e Visceral fat etc.

7,500 Vitality Points

Vitality Fitness Assessment

Fitness assessment costs R 425 per person. (Can be claimed from your discovery health savings account) Please dress casual. Can only be done once a year.

For bookings, please contact Tharina Lembisch with the form below: